You Might Be an Ericksonian Hypnotist, But Your Website Isn’t

You Might Be an Ericksonian Hypnotist, But Your Website Isn’t

Never design your website’s homepage without thinking about your clients. What are they doing? How are they feeling? Why are they visiting your site in the first place?

A lot of people decide they want to see a hypnotist and start Googling. It doesn’t take them long to find your business’ website.

Then what do they do?

They start looking for reasons to eliminate you. Their cursor practically hovers over the X that closes the tab. Why? Because when they found your site, they also found others. Maybe dozens of them. They are going to cull the list and they will be ruthless.

So don’t give them a reason to eliminate you.

Your potential client is looking for specific information. If you don’t provide it, they’ll close the tab. If it’s buried under other pages or walls of text, they’ll close the tab.

This means you need to say what they need to read…

Then shut up.

Don’t waffle, pad or elaborate.

Don’t add anything the client thinks is ‘useless’.

Common sense?

It is not common practice. I’ve seen hundreds or thousands of websites. If you avoid this mistake, you’ll be in an elite and distinguished group.

It’s an easy mistake to make. We hypnotists love our words, and with good reason. The right story told in the right way can vaporise fears, doubts, pain and psychological blocks. We know better than most that words can transform lives.

But the approach is not ‘the more, the merrier’. Don’t turn your website into a longwinded, Ericksonian story that’s loaded with symbolism and details.

Your potential client won’t read it. They’ll see a big wall of text, realise that they can’t find the answer they need without reading a lot, and leave your site.

(If you think I’m being cruel towards your clients, I’m not. They are in pain and they need an answer now. They don’t have time to sort useful information from fluff. Which, as a professional, is your job in the first place.)

Make sure your key information is immediately, obviously visible. Tell them what they need to hear. Get to the point.

Assuming your client is on fire and they can’t extinguish it until they find what they need. List your services as a menu across the top, down the side and in the body of your text. Make it clear how you can help them. Make it unmistakeable, even at a quick glance.

Then, and only then, if you want to add a wall of text about you and your story, then do so. Fill your boots. Just don’t make them read it to find what they’re looking for.

It’s a fine art and a delicate balance. You want to distinguish yourself from everyone else, but not by boring your clients away.

A good layout and the right words do both.

If you’re not a writer, then you can give it a go yourself. Just know that you risk falling into the same awkward muck as everyone else.

Or you can relax and hire a writer to take care of it for you.

If you want better results with less effort, then reach out today:

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