Eternity in a candle

There are plenty of ways to embrace mindfulness, if sitting lotus-like ain’t your thing.

A fun one is to set aside a quiet space, light a candle and stare at the flame. Keep all other thoughts from your mind. Simply be and observe without judgement.

A strange one is to have that same mental state while slowly, mindfully sipping a glass of water. Feel every muscle movement as you lift the glass and notice how it feels.

A stranger one is to spend a minute drawing a tree. Then throw out the drawing and start again. Do this for hours while keeping your focus on the moment.

My point?

You can meditate in all sorts of ways. If you worry about falling asleep during your sessions, do something like this.

My other point?

Do this and weird stuff will happen.

Think mindfulness is all paying attention to the moment?

Well… yes, in the sense it’s what you do.

But if you actually do this for a while, strange things happen.

For me, a big one is time distortion. I can sit down for what feels like ten minutes, only for an hour to have gone by.

Or vice versa.

You can spend eternity staring at that candle in an afternoon.

As a hypnotist, I recognise that as time distortion – a classic phenomenon that spontaneously arises in trance states like meditation.

What’s interesting is there are others.

Such as having vivid flashbacks.

Losing sensation of your body for a moment.

Even hallucinating.

Sound scary?

Sound fun, maybe?

Either way, you want to know how these phenomena work… and how to use them to your advantage.

That’s where learning meditation from a hypnotist comes in handy. These things are our bread, butter and jam.

To create and use your own altered states of consciousness in simple ways like this, you especially want modules 7 and 15 (out of 19) from Monster Mind Edukaré – the absurdly long and sophisticated mind training program.

You can begin it right now with this link:

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