An ever-lowering bar of intellect

I’ve seen a few variations of this meme in my time:

It’s a post making fun of people who complain about not having enough time and money… after squandering all their time and money.

Saying things like:

“$100 for healthy groceries? Too expensive. $100 for a night out? Hell yeah!”

“Five hours to do some training? No time! Netflix series – 12 episodes of an hour each? One more before bed!”

It’s all pretty obvious stuff. In some circles, it’s ‘normal’ and ‘expected’ to blow a grand on a new phone, but you’d never spend that on coaching. For some of those people, they talk about how they’d love to start their own business, if only they had the time and money…

Anyway, the last time I saw this meme, it had a moronic rebuttal.

“I don’t watch TV because I don’t have time. I don’t spend $100 on going out because I’m too poor for that. This just shows how out of touch this person is!!!”


Instead of informing this person that their argument is pure nonsense, there was a pile of “yeah” and “I agree!”

Let me spell it out:

“I don’t do this, therefore no one does” is incredibly stupid. Anyone who says that proves they can’t imagine anyone who’s different from themselves.

Following that with a “you’re out of touch lol” zinger is just darn hilarious.

This is what happens when people post and algorithms promote based on emotional response and provocation. Having an emotional reaction replaces taking a moment to think through your opinions.

I mean, this post I’m making fun of? That’s far from the worst you see each day. That’s common, normal, even typical.

You deserve a better calibre of social media.

Let me direct your attention to

Sign up for an account, then find me on there. I’ll add you to my lair which does two things for you in the short term:

It gives you a discount code, giving you a $361 and months-long (even years-long, really) training program.

It gives you access to exclusive training for deprogramming what social media has done to you. The addiction, the skewed perceptions, the dulled intellect, the warped attention span, the habit of turning to a wall of ads when you’re bored – all of it, lessened if not removed.

Both of those have time limits though. The code is only valid for 15 uses, while the deprogramming will only be up for a week or so.

Get a wriggle on. Sign up, then track me down – that’s it.

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