Every Brain is a Personality Archive

It’s funny how changing the environment changes who you are. The outside world brings out different things in your personality.

And, in some cases, it drops you into a whole new personality.

Or maybe it’s an old one.

I remember when I started a new job. It was in a new office, new people and a completely different set of tasks. The team was understaffed so I was thrown in the deep end.

A few days or so into this job, a friend came to see me. We chatted for a few moments and I didn’t think much of it.

Later, she sent me a message – something like, “I’ve never seen you that way before. Normally you’re so confident but at that desk you were… I don’t know, meek!”

She was right. I’d gone from a role where I was the seasoned veteran, the guru, the old hand… to one where I didn’t know anything. I mean, that was the point of the change – I wanted something that would challenge and grow me.

To cope with that change, though, I dropped into an older personality. A meeker version of me, one better suited for a role where I knew nothing.

If that sounds dramatic, it is. And it happens all the time.

Throughout your whole life, you’re growing, changing and evolving. Your challenges and aspirations when you were five are nothing like those today. It feels good, as if you’re building something newer and greater out of who you were.

But the truth is you never lose your old selves. Your brain stores old personalities like it’s an archive.

And every now and then, it dusts one off and tries it on again.

This process can work against you.

Or you can use it to your advantage.

It’s one of Monster Mind Edukaré’s many secrets. If you’d like to learn it, you know what to do:


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