Every Brain is a Time Machine

I often feel stuck, like I’m not making the progress I should be. I know I should be kind and forgiving towards myself. Even so, I struggle.

Despite that, I don’t see it as a bad thing.

I have ambition – feeling stuck is my unconscious mind’s way of telling me something needs to change.

And it’s right. Whenever I sit down and think about it, I find some flaw in my plan (or my expectations), make a change and instantly feel happier.

Except this one time, I couldn’t find the flaw.

I felt stuck and couldn’t figure out why.

Until my unconscious offered up an answer:

I remembered back til when I was 14 or 15 or so. When I say ‘remembered’, it was closer to a flashback.

I was working after school in a solicitor’s office. Most of it was basic office duties – taking out garbage, cleaning mugs, mailing things. Some of it involved handling money.

One day, I made a mistake with that money.

Was it a huge mistake? No, but it was big enough. My boss dressed me down in cold, calculated abuse that I took in silence.

I left that job not long later and never gave it any more thought.

Until well over a decade later, I relived the experience.

It turns out while I’d forgotten about it consciously, my unconscious had held onto that experience. It learned some warped lessons around money and my ability to handle it.

Once I had this flashback, though, I knew exactly what was holding me back and how to fix it. I finally let go of that experience and got back to chasing my ambitions.

It’s a lesson I’ll never forget – to overcome our limitations, we probably have to unlearn something old rather than learn something new.

Imagine being able to clear the gunk from your past.

The old emotional wounds.

The lessons you struggle to unlearn.

Everything holding you back.

What would that do for you?

What opportunities, moments or happiness do you fail to seize because of this mental past gunk?

Everyday Hypnosis describes how to clear all that.

It’s one of the many things in Monster Mind Edukaré:


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