When everyone but you has a problem, you have a problem

When everyone but you has a problem, you have a problem

I keep toying with the idea of creating a smartphone addiction program. Hypnosis is great at breaking bad habits and shredding limitations, so it would be straightforward.

And it would do a lot of good. Use them badly and smartphones wreck your posture, eyesight, sleep, relationships and ability to focus.

I’m sure you can think of plenty of dopamine harvesters running the hamster wheel of social media.

I’m not convinced there’s a market for it, though.

Sure, there are plenty of people who would benefit from easing up on their screentime.

But of course, none of them are you.

You have a phone and you use it. You’re not a hermit, after all. Thank goodness you keep it sensible though.

Okay, you probably check the news or social media first thing… and last thing… and whenever you need to be distracted.

And, yes, you have pretended to listen to someone while scrolling through your feeds.

Then there are those moments of panic when you think you’ve lost your phone. Not concern – panic.

Plenty of people have issues with smartphones… but you’re not among them. All of that is normal.

I’m not here to offend you. If I have, just assume I’m in the same trap – a smartphone addict who thinks he’s fine.

That’s okay by me.

But if you want to prove that you’re one of the good ones…

Not to me, not to your friends, but to yourself…

Then here’s how:

1) Grab a copy of Your Mind Inside,

2) Run through all the exercises described,

3) There is no step three. Do that and you’ll prove you can focus and eliminate distractions.

And if you find your fingers twitching, hungry to tap and swipe your time away?

Running through these meditation techniques will fix that.

It’s not a dedicated program focusing on smartphones, but it’ll do the job.

Here’s the link:


Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

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