Everything ends eventually, including Phronesis Accelerator

There’s tremendous power in the inevitability of your demise. Here’s what this issue of Phronesis Accelerator covers:

  • Rise above the frothing masses – we saw it with Trump in 2020 (no, not the election or a tweet) and many times before then. It’s one thing to fear death, but if you do this, you arrest your own power and growth. And, troublingly, most folks do this – some, every week or more,
  • The ‘mad gambit’ you do to make yourself feel more alive… only to make everything worse for you and your kin,
  • How the primal forces that create life can triumph over death,
  • The personality trait that makes life and death unbearable,
  • How to learn from the greatest and wisest philosophy teacher of all – the natural order,
  • You’ve probably tried and failed with this easy practice before – here’s how to succeed with it and overcome fear, anxiety, sadness, frustration and boredom,
  • The simple exercise you can do during a coffee break (assuming you have a bedsheet handy) that banishes your fear of death,
  • What Twitter can show you about wisdom, philosophy and Stoicism,
  • What your inevitable demise takes from you every day – and how to get it back,
  • Why putting your faith in technological immortality harms you (even if it turns out you’re right),
  • The subtle psychological lesson in a Shakespeare play about what happens when you wish death on someone,
  • How all emotions boil down to two… and what happens when they fight each other,
  • The four things that make you feel alive that evaporated in 2020.

And guess what?

You have minutes from when I sent this until I close subscriptions for this issue. If you want it, you’d better sign up fast:


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