Evolve like a Pokemon

Embarrassing confession time:

Despite a lifetime of scientific training, and another lifetime’s obsession with the sublime beauty of the theory of evolution, I still catch the aftereffects of growing up in the 90s in my thinking.

Sometimes – not always, not often, but often enough – the word ‘evolution’ makes me think of Pokemon.

But, okay. I’m a fan of using what we have, so let’s use it.

If I mention the phrase ‘personal evolution’, let’s look at that from the Pikachu perspective.

How do Pokemon become greater versions of themselves?

It’s simple, really. Through hard and clever work, they get a little bit more powerful.

And then a little stronger still.

Until suddenly, they reach the tipping point.

Your squat, fiery lizard is now a towering dragon.

Why not, right? That’s how people evolve too.

You get a little better at something, working hard to refine your skills. It’s a long, slow drag.

Then one morning, you wake up to find your skills have tripled overnight. Anyone who keeps pushing themselves knows what I mean. It’s how your brain learns – mostly while you sleep, but only when you put the work in.

That’s how my mind training programs work too.

You put the work in…

And your unconscious will do all the learning.

I can’t say it’ll be as fun as the Pokemon games, but I will say this: once you start levelling yourself up, it’s just as addictive.

Here’s the link:


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