A clear example of the virtues of generosity

A clear example of the virtues of generosity

In the biggest change to my site since I launched it, I’ve taken down the paywall. Now all the content from Awakened Thought – my monthly mind training program – is out there, ready for you to use. What used to cost $29 per month now costs you nothing.

The walls to the asylum are down and the inmates are running free.

This wave of content includes:

  • Enhance your best self with a huge (and growing) library of hypnotic guided meditations,
  • Request new hypnotic guided meditations, putting you in control,
  • Sharpen your mind the fun way with monthly information and exercises,
  • Use exclusive discount codes,
  • Never stop growing with a hypnotically-infused training journey – seven audios whose benefits stack on each other.

At least, that’s how it is for February.

Future months will be similar. The library of hypnotic guided meditations will still be there (and it might even grow a little).

And if you like what you see and hear, I have a donation button. Feel free to throw some money at me.

You don’t have to, of course.

Though here’s why you want to:

Psychologically, making an investment (or, even better, a sacrifice) will make your mind appreciate it and learn more easily. If you flung me a million dollars, there’s no way you’d do anything but listen and learn.

On a more material level, though…

The generosity of you and your peers unlocks more material. You will see it on next month’s page – parts of the journey (my best and most effective material to date) will be locked. If enough people pay what they think it’s worth, more of the journey comes online.

Now, you can get amazing improvements from what shows up right away.

But to really get the most of it all, you want to listen to the full sequence.

(More than once – I recommend at least four times each.)

Anyway, that’s March’s problem. You can access February’s complete journey right now. Donations are welcome but not required for you to experience all of this and more.

Enough blabbering, here’s the link:


Photo by aitoff on Pixabay

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