Exorcise your deadly ghost emotions

Exorcise your deadly ghost emotions

Every story, myth and fantasy reflects something about us. We wrote these stories to express something in our nature.

Like how werewolves reflect the uncontrollable beast within. We wear civilized facades that shatter on schedule.

And ghosts have issues so unresolved, not even death can wipe the slate clean.

The dead might not have unfinished business, but we sure do. We experience something and we learn from it. Then we forget the experience – and even that we didn’t used to think this way.

It’s great when the lesson is a healthy one. It just becomes part of who you are.

It’s not so great when the lesson doesn’t serve you.

When I was young, two of my teachers verbally berated me. One was crazy, the other didn’t like me – although I didn’t know either at the time. I was impressionable enough it warped my view of myself and how I fit into the world.

Then I grew up. I haven’t seen either teacher since the 20th Century. They could be retired or dead now, who knows. Still, I carried the emotion with me for a long time. Maybe I still do. It’s a ghost lesson from dead experiences.

It took self-hypnosis and a lot of introspection to join the dots. My mind was open enough to see how this ghost still caused pain and stupid decisions.

Then I used self-hypnosis to clear it out.

Well, most of it. I’m choosing to take it slow. I could banish this ghost emotion in one intense session. Or I could slowly tease it out and see what it’s made of.

I have options. Resolve it quickly or resolve it slowly? Who cares, so long as it resolves.

Even if your childhood was joyous, your emotional landscape is full of gunk. Is that a bad thing? Maybe, maybe not. You could lead a rich and fulfilling life without ever dealing with this stuff.

But if you ever catch yourself acting irrationally…

Or making the same mistakes again and again…

Or you feel blocked from your own potential…

… then your mind has unfinished business. So finish it and see what you’re really capable of.

Ghostbusting might not be easy, but it’s never not worth it.

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