Maybe get the exorcism before becoming a vampire…

Inside a Waking Dream, you can have any experience you can imagine.

You can walk on the moon (or, heck, even the sun), talk with dead loved ones and make out with celebrities.

This means you can partake in any ritual you want.

Want to know what it’s like to be a powerful, immortal vampire? Go for it. You’re in the privacy of your own mind, so no one can judge you unless you let them.

(So long as you keep the bloodsucking to your fantasies. That’s still illegal in the waking world, no matter how intense your Dreaming is.)

If any ritual from fiction speaks to you, give it a whirl.

But maybe you want to dabble in something powerful and at least a little more real.

If you want to cleanse yourself of something dark and destructive, maybe you need to have an exorcism during a Waking Dream.

Or if you want to tap into your power and have a fondness for Hindu philosophy, you might bring activating energy to your chakras.

You could have a Vision Quest during a Waking Dream.

Or anything else you can hold in your mind.

Of course, you need to know what Waking Dreaming is first.

And how to do it.

That’s where my next book comes in. In the meantime, though, you can snag an early copy.

This special, pre-release, Edukaré-only version has exclusive bonus chapters, demonstrating:

  • An almost-foolproof technique for entering the Waking Dreaming state,
  • A strange way to overcome insomnia,
  • Ways to boost your memory by giving old techniques a new twist, and
  • A fun, quick and easy way to make the best decisions of your life with confidence.

But I’d get a wriggle on if I were you.

This bonus will only be available for less than 12 hours from when I sent this.

Snoozers are losers and will miss out forever.

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing Edukaré, here’s the perfect time:

P.S. To make this decision even easier, I’m knocking $61 off the price during this window. This is the best time to buy it you’ll come across in a while. Use the code DREAM at the checkout – only valid while this complimentary copy of Waking Dreaming: A Manual is live.

P.P.S. Make sure you download the bonus content ASAP. It’ll disappear from your list of content when the deadline hits.

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