Staring into the eyes of a false trichotomy

Yesterday, I spent a thousand words on a different take on the lockdowns.

While everyone debates the effectiveness of the covid countermeasures, I questioned the lack of variety.

If it’s a crisis, then we should see hundreds of countermeasures. Every week, you’d hear about some promising new drug or a new way to stop it spreading.

Just like how, every week, you hear about a new way to cope with the lockdowns. Businesses have creative ways to keep earning money. Social groups adapt so they can still keep hanging out.

We’re seeing that with the lockdowns, but not what causes them.

I put this out there to bring something into your conscious attention.

You all heard our leaders say, “lockdowns and vaccines are the only way through this!”

Some of you noticed there was something weird about that. Something off. It’s more than just noticing how this ‘solution’ puts all the burden on you and all the profits in pharma companies.

Some of you noticed that something was missing from this plan.

Right from the start, the plan was “lockdowns!” then “lockdowns and vaccines!”

It reeks of a false trichotomy. Either you’re a psychopath who wants millions to die… or you want the lockdowns to last forever… or you support the vaccine plan.

When framed like that, who’d be insane enough to question that strategy?

Well, we need to question it now. The evidence coming in is that vaccines won’t cut it, even if everyone gets them. That means we need another alternative.

I bring this up because many of you heard this false trichotomy of a plan and had your doubts. There was some niggling unease in the back of your mind. There was something wrong about the way politicians said “this virus is new but we know with full certainty that mass vaccination is the only answer!!”

Then you probably ignored that instinct. After all, some niggling feeling of yours isn’t better than science, is it?

Hmm. Except science never said the vaccines were the best way forward. There was certainly not a lick of evidence to say it was the only way forward.

Your instinct was right, in the end.

You ignored it and it was right.

Here’s the thing about your instincts: the more you trust them, the better they become. If you keep ignoring them, then they’ll stop whispering to you. If you learn to hear what they say, though, you can find yourself coming up with strange ideas, creative solutions and keen observations ‘out of nowhere’.

You have brilliant instincts. The quality of your life depends on how easily you recognise them.

Like many things, it’s a skill you can learn.

And hypnosis can accelerate that.

But I’m not here to teach you to listen to your instincts. Maybe one day, but not right now.

Instead, it’s much faster and easier to tap into your instincts regarding a specific question.

So if you have a big decision to make and you’d like to see what your instincts say…

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