Fear is more than the mindkiller

I don’t need to tell you how bad fear is for you.

Sure, little bits of it are great.

It gets you out of the way of a speeding car.

Or forces you to dig deep, rather than let yourself slide into poverty.

But then the fear is supposed to pass.

When it doesn’t pass, it becomes chronic. That’s when things get nasty.

I could go into the psychology of chronic fear – how it primes you for constant battle, seeing everything in the world as a threat.

I could talk about the physiology of fear – how it reroutes vital resources away from growth, repair and vitality.

But I won’t.

You’ve probably heard that before.

And even if you haven’t, knowing that doesn’t help you.

If that’s where the advice ends – and it usually does – all we’ve done is add guilt to the fear.

“What, you’re still stressed? Don’t be stressed otherwise it’ll kill you!”

Hardly helpful, right?

Knowing this stuff is only the start because stress isn’t a conscious choice. It’s an unconscious response to difficult times, difficult environments and difficult thoughts.

What you need is a way to relax the body.

To let go of fear, anxiety and tension.

Not to know that you should, but to actually do it.


Exactly how you’d expect to:


When there’s too much going on in your mind – just like with a computer – it pays to dump the cache and wipe the slate clean.

And that’s what my Neural Reset is all about:


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