Would you waste a fictitious magic pill?

I remember having a conversation with someone about Limitless – the movie/TV show where a relatable, down-on-his-luck dude takes a pill that makes your brain work.

For the next day or so, you become a super genius.

You recall everything.

You notice everything.

Your brain effortlessly joins dots that, without the magic pill, you never even saw before.

It’s like taking your creativity, insight, dexterity, intuition and self-control, and dialling them all up to a million percent.

The downsides, at least in the show:

It’s not legally available, so there’s the usual hassles of somehow getting a clean and reliable supply.

But also, each time you take it, it kills you a little.

Sure, once or twice is fine.

Five or ten times, not so much.

So like I say, we’re talking about this hypothetical drug. And, naturally, we asked each other, what would you do with one pill?

Characters in the show ask themselves this. They see what the pill does, so they’re curious. When they get their hands on it, they live out their dreams – stuff like performing some amazing stage comedy or being unbeatable in the boxing ring.

These are great dreams.

Except they’re a waste of the drug.

When we weretalking about this, we both cottoned onto the same idea. No surprises, because it’s the only sensible approach:

Use the state of heightened genius to figure out how to recreate that state, without needing the drug.

It should be possible. All drugs – from antidepressants to hallucinogens to caffeine – recreate naturally occurring states in the brain. That’s not to say drugs are worthless. It’s not easy to pull yourself out of a funk or hallucinate at will.

But it is possible.

So assuming this magic drug is no different, it should be possible (though extraordinarily difficult) to choose to enter this state.

That’s the only sensible use of the magic pill. It’s a choice between one amazing night or one amazing lifetime.

This is what happens when you focus on training your mind.

Sure, you could learn a skill – like, say, computer programming. That would improve your life a lot. It would boost your career prospects, create new opportunities, open up new hobbies and change the way you think.

Or you could focus on cultivating your mind, through training like hypnosis.

You get all those benefits, and more.

And with this enhanced state of mind, learning computer programming becomes easier.

You can boost your energy levels, harness your motivation and integrate the material on a deeper, more unconscious level.

So if you’re going to focus on anything, you might as well focus on this:


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