Find Free Market Research among Hateful Echochambers

Find Free Market Research among Hateful Echochambers

If you’re a hypnotist looking to use social media, then you have choices. You could follow other people in the field. It’s not a bad idea to see what your colleagues are up to. They’ll say things or do things in a different way – use that.

Being a professional means knowing the state of the industry, after all.

But there’s a group of people who are far more important to follow.

Are you shocked if I say it’s your potential clients?

Probably not, right? Because there’s an ancient, mystical, amazing, diabolical secret marketing technique, developed by an obscure order of monks with data science degrees and…

Okay, nah, it’s nothing like that.

It’s as simple as listening to them.

The moral panic brigade likes to harp on about what the big, bad internet does to people. All anyone does these days is log on and shout their grievances to all of cyberspace. Twitter is a hateful echochamber. So is Facebook. Woe to the poor souls who complain upon the webs.

I say, good.

Let them complain.

Because the more they moan about things, the more you can line your pockets while being a force for good in the world.

When potential clients say anything, listen. Make note of what they say.

Do they all have similar concerns, fears and frustrations?

Are these things you can address?

What products are they already buying? What do they like and hate about them?

Boom, done. You not only know how to structure your sales letters, you know what products to create.

Potential clients do all your market research for you. They’re not shy about telling you what they want. In fact, it would be hard to get them to stop.

And if that’s not enough for you, they do even more:

The best headlines, slogans and catchphrases come from these people. Not from massive thinktanks or expensive customer interviews, but from raw, natural conversations.

Keep your eyes peeled. When a line resonates with you, adapt it into a headline. Your potential client won’t realise they’ve sputtered gold across the internet. They’re “just talking” – which, funnily enough, is what the best marketing is like too.

Be smart about it. I’m not telling you to plagiarise copyrighted content. I’m telling you to learn how your future clients think, speak and spend.

Taking what your future clients say and using it to sell to them is easy.

Well, at least, it’s easier than writing from scratch. Especially if you’re guessing what they like.

You still need to know how to structure sales letters and email campaigns. These are specialist skills – unless you’ve learned how to do these well, you’ll probably struggle.

If you do learn these, your value as a businessperson multiplies.

But it takes years to get good at this.

So learn marketing, if that’s your style. Or if you want to focus on being the best damn hypnotist you can be, then outsource it and forget about it.

Because a bit of good marketing, with a great product and the right audience, can set you up for years.

Investing in your business is as easy as visiting this page:

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