Finding yourself for fun and profit

Finding yourself for fun and profit

Give most people a little bit of money and a lot of spare time, and what happens? If you free someone from the struggles of day-to-day living, many people have the need to “find themselves”.

They might not use that phrase.

They might even hate that phrase.


It might come as a longing for something greater or the need to live closer to your values. There are dozens of ways to describe this – anything from a midlife crisis to a spiritual quest.

It’s like someone born with a generous trust fund travelling the world because, hey, why not? Then they find some local cause or plight on the far side of the globe that enthrals them.

When you’re too focused on the here and now, you don’t have time to want something bigger.

Once you’re free to daydream, you might find here and now are missing something.

(If not, it’s probably because it used to until you made some smart changes.)

It’s a strange thing to go through. It’s as if your whole life, you were doing what you “had to” or were “supposed to”. Then you get the sense that’s not right at all. What you’re doing isn’t who you are.

Sometimes it comes as a clear flash – an epiphany of how to live your life.

Like finding religion or your true cause.

Sometimes it lingers for years as a sense something’s off. It’s almost like you’re working on a jigsaw puzzle that’s far from finished, but you know you’re missing a third of the pieces.

A vague sense there’s something important you haven’t thought yet.

But how can you know there’s a thought missing if you haven’t thought it yet?

All I know is your unconscious works in mysterious ways. Deep down, you know your values, desires and drives. Sometimes you have to put those aside to do the right thing.

You might not adore mopping floors but it beats starving.

You can’t ignore yourself forever, though. Those desires go underground, whispering in your ear what you need to hear.

It’s easy to ignore this voice… but you know how painful that can be.

Unlearning the habit of boxing up your dreams and turning your back on them takes time.

Luckily, your true self is patient.

Are you?

Because learning to hear this voice you can trust is just the start.

Learn to speak with it and everything changes.

And with self-hypnosis, you can be sitting down with this voice for tea and crumpets in minutes.

In a hypnotic trance, you’re open to everything you can be. You start to forget to ignore your true self. It’s not the only way to reach out inside, but it’s fast and reliable.

And once this voice doesn’t have to whisper reminders, it’s free to give you good advice. Scratch that – amazing advice. All the power of your intuition, aligned with finding (and creating) your true self.

Self-hypnosis is easier to learn than you think. My program, Unlock the Vault, covers everything from inductions to troubleshooting to dozens of fun things you can do in a trance.

You can grab it here and start listening to your inner voice once again:

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