How to fix millennials (and piss off baby boomers)

How to fix millennials (and piss off baby boomers)

Listen to the accusations hurled against millennials and you see a pattern. We’re an unruly gang of disrespectful, naïve, liberal, tech-addicted, impatient, causeless rebels.

I don’t deny it – those are all things that come from youth. The exact same accusations could have been levelled against boomers… and they were. Dig up manuscripts from ancient Greece and you read the same thing.

The generation war never changes.

Having said that, there are sometimes truths to stereotypes. There are things my generation doesn’t excel at.

I’m not saying all or even most of us are like this. And we’re definitely not the first generation to do this. That doesn’t make it right, though – if you rise above your demographic, you outshine them too. Plus, there’s the spite factor. If you’re one of the many millennials who break this stereotype, it dissonants the cognitives of everyone dumb enough to prejudice you.

After all, no one expects millennials to be resilient.

I hate to admit it, but our generation is a little pampered. Too many of us buckle at the hint of rejection, criticism or failure.

(Of course, which generations raised us this way? That too must somehow be millennials’ faults…)

The people in this world who tell it like it is – straight shooters, no nonsense types – are amazing resources. They’ll tell you when you’re amazing and when you suck. Treasure them, absorb their abuse and become stronger.

If you don’t know anyone like this, then find one. Learning to handle criticism is the best way to piss off boomers. And if you are a boomer? This applies to you too. Compared to your WW2-winning parents, your childhood was so soft it could pad a sofa.

That’s where you learned how to coddle us and Xers, I assume.

But that’s okay – it’s never too late to learn.

What’s the best teacher – even better than people who never sugarcoat anything?

Well, resilience comes from the way you interpret reality. Is this a challenge or a chance to prove myself? Do I want to quit or keep going? Will I stay calm or lose my cool?

Resilience isn’t in the environment. It’s in you.

And a recipe for changing “you” – no matter your age – waits right here for you:

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