The easiest way to fix your weird issue

The easiest way to fix your weird issue

“Everyone is unique” is another way of saying “everyone is tough to market to”. If you’re the only one with a problem, don’t expect to find a convenient solution.

At least, you’d think that’s the case…

People approach hypnotists with the strangest issues sometimes. I’m not poking fun of anyone here. Pain is pain, no matter what form it takes. But if you think you’ve heard everything…

“I write and post threatening letters to the Russian government in my sleep.”

“When I eat citrus, I scratch my left eyebrow til it bleeds.”

“My hand gets stuck to the steering wheel when I drive south in spring rain.”

These questions often lead to, “is there a hypnosis product that’ll resolve my issue?”

Sorry, folks. Your issues are too weird. It’s not that they’re not easy to resolve with hypnosis, it’s more that you’re a market of one. Unless you can afford property in Sydney or San Francisco, you by yourself are not a lucrative market.

But not all is lost. You can hire a hypnotist to work through your problem. When seeing clients, everyone is a market of one. They’ll get to the root of your thing, or at least make it more manageable.

It’ll cost you, though. That’s why you were asking about products – you were hoping for a nice, cheap, easy dose of hypnosis to set you right, right?

Once more, hope shines eternal.

Sure, you could pay mega bucks to see a professional.


You could pay moderate bucks to learn self-hypnosis. Once you know how it works, then it doesn’t matter what your issue is. After all, you’re more than happy to see you as a client. You’ll get the best rates, and you won’t quit til it’s finished.

And it future-proofs you against other weird issues showing their ugly mugs.

It’s the help you need at a fraction of the cost – in other words, it’s the smart play.

Read some of the benefits here:

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