For the dreamers

If you currently dream of a better life, maybe even a better world, then read on. When you look around and realise you can, in fact, transform your circumstances, you’re awake to something you could be asleep to.

If you’re happy to settle for what you have, this isn’t for you. Move along, because there’s plenty of mindless content you can binge on elsewhere.

Okay, let’s begin.


I’m proud of you. It’s easy to get lost in fantasy, to say “oh, if only…” You’re doing more than that. You feel that tickle, that gentle pull forwards, this voice in your ear whispering that you can do this.

For example, rather than wishing you’d win the lottery, you think of ways to improve your finances. Or maybe money isn’t your thing. Whatever it is, you’re not happy to wait for it to come to you. You have plans, even if they’re in the back of your mind for now.


I’m interested in you. Not everyone will understand your dream. Some ‘normal’ dreams are easy to share – if you want to own a home, even critics of home ownership understand the impulse.

If your dream is even slightly off-script, though, it can be lonely.

People will say things like, “I don’t see how that could ever work… oh, but I believe in you!”

Those are the kinder ones.

I can’t promise I’ll understand your dream, but I’m curious in what makes people tick. Talk about to me and I’ll admire your vision, feel your passions and relate to your struggles.


I appreciate you. The world needs more variety and less unthinking conformity. We need more striving and less admitting defeat.

Thank you for dreaming your dream. It adds to the rich story of the human species – to planet Earth and its place in the universe.


I support you. If all you need is emotional support, then I’ll grab my pompoms and give you a cheer.

Chances are, though, there’s something else you need.

If you know exactly what you want and know you’ll achieve it ‘one day’, then I hope you mean that.

But if another day goes past, then another week, and you haven’t taken action…

Or you’ve worked hard on it, but you hesitate as you get close – getting frustrated, demoralised or seduced by a new idea…

… then let’s talk about Threshold Coaching. Threshold Coaching is what you need when you know what you want and what your next steps are, but something holds you back.

If your dreams are over there and you’re right here, then you know you have to move. When you struggle to begin, struggle to continue or struggle to finish, though, knowing what to do isn’t enough.

You need something extra – some guidance on how to cross that threshold and really get moving.

When you stop holding yourself back and start moving, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Here’s how you sign up for it:

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