Forgetting to Remember (or is it Remembering to Forget?)

It’s funny the things our mind protects us from.

I remember back when I was a teenager – much more anxiety-ridden than I am now – I had an important application to make. For whatever reason, this form made me nervous. I forget why – maybe I was afraid of rejection or something.

Anyway, I’m filling out this form and it asked me for my ID number.

I didn’t have an ID number yet… did I?

I looked through my papers, couldn’t find anything. Searched my email history, same result.

Eventually, I called them. They were confused – my ID should have been mailed to me. Whatever, no problems, I got it then and completed the form.

Woo for overcoming anxieties!

A few months later, I was cleaning out my things when I came across a few pieces of paper.

One was the ID that they had mailed to me.

Another was the ID written in my handwriting.

I genuinely believed I hadn’t seen it… even after writing it out. This was my brain’s amusing way to try to spare me whatever it was afraid of – by deleting this key info from my mind.

We’ve all had moments of amnesia, where our minds simply forget something.

Usually because it’s not important.

Sometimes because our brain’s trying to protect us.

And it might sound strange, but you can choose to use this – to forget something. But not by thinking about it. The harder you try to forget a memory, the stronger you memorise it.

So what’s the answer?

I’m more than happy to share it.

It’s part of the Everyday Hypnosis module in Monster Mind Edukaré. It’s overflowing with so much content, you might struggle to find it. When you do, though, you’ll never forget it.

Unless you want to, that is…

Anyway, here’s the link:

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