Will you forgive your own ignorance?

Let me outline a common failure mode in hypnotherapy.

Sometimes, despite excellent work from the hypnotist and an eager client, it goes wrong. The client enters a trance, changes beyond what they ever dreamed, and leaves happy.

But then the transformation wears off.

This can happen for all sorts of reasons.

A common one is strange and intriguing – and worth knowing.

If you decide to work with me or another hypnotist, then understanding this might make this difference between success and failure.

One more thing before story time:

This is going to sound like I’m bragging. Everything I’m about to say is accurate – but hypnosis can do what some folks think is impossible, so it’s hard to sound humble.

Okay, let’s go:

Hypnosis can create amazing results… and it can do it quickly. I like to take it slower than some – I’m not a fan of rushing things – but I’ve seen amazing things.

A life-long and crippling phobia – gone in a 20-minute conversation.

A little girl had nightmares every night for three months – sleeping peacefully after a ten-minute talk.

And despite preferring the slower path, I’ve destroyed anxiety with a single question before.

Even ignoring these examples…

If you’ve struggled with anxiety, weight issues or low self-esteem all your life, then even three to six sessions – which is more typical – is lightning fast.

From the client’s perspective in these situations, it’s great. They got the result they want and they got it quickly.

All good… right?

Well, not always.

Sometimes hypnosis is too fast… and too easy.

It sounds strange but it’s a valid problem. If you’ve struggled with someone for years and then, poof, the problem’s gone… how can that be?

Lots of folks believe ‘no pain, no gain’ – perhaps too literally. So it can’t have worked if it wasn’t agonising and difficult.

And some don’t want to change. Maybe, on some level, they liked being the victim. If you’ve had a problem so long it’s become part of your identity, it isn’t so easy to let it go.

For others, it’s awkward. When you realise how easy it was to escape the problem, it’s natural to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Why you suffered needlessly for so long.

They can feel almost embarrassed, like someone who picks up kitchen knives blade-first discovering the handles were always there.

Because the pain of realising how much sooner you could have fixed everything is sometimes greater than the problem.

So if you’re going to see a hypnotist, how do you avoid this?

Forgive yourself for not knowing about the solutions sooner.

And be grateful you didn’t live with this for another decade.

It might mean powering through the discomfort and regret of finally and easily overcoming it, but that’s a price worth paying.

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