Have you forgotten how to be awesome?

Do you feel like there should be more to your life?

That you should be doing more?

Maybe even that you should become more.

Well, if so, I can sure relate. And when I find myself thinking that, I think back to what it means to have a brain.

See, there’s a metaphor for the brain I keep using:

It’s like a tree. A tree’s branches can grow in any direction, but they can’t grow in every direction. This is how the brain can be practically infinitely flexible… but, right now, you can’t be everything. At some point in your life, you made a trade-off – probably unconsciously – that means you’re less confident, focused or disciplined than you’d like.

You might think the solution is to learn something new.

That’s what folk tend to say: “I want to learn to be more confident”.

But what if it’s a case of unlearning?

Of going back to when you made that trade-off and choose both?

Or choosing something even better with that?

You might wonder how that’s even possible. How can you rewire the brain that drastically?

Well, it’s hard if you force it.

Yet it’s easy if you work with the brain’s natural mechanisms for rewiring.

After all, a stubborn brain wouldn’t survive long. The whole point of being intelligent is to adapt and overcome new challenges. But an infinitely flexible mind wouldn’t work either, as you’d too easily learn the wrong lessons.

Hence, in evolution’s mighty and unguided wisdom, you have a special state of mind. When you enter it, you can rewire your brain deeply – deeply enough to remember what you need to in order to become awesome.

It’s all there, waiting inside you.

How do you enter this state of mind and use it to quit smoking, become confident, control your emotions and, well, simply have more fun?

You can learn it all right here:


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