Let free hypnosis downloads shape your next chapter

Let free hypnosis downloads shape your next chapter

Every culture on Earth has storytelling. Whether it’s an ancient legend of how the gods created the world or superheroes battling on the big screen, we humans love a good yarn.

These tales do more than just entertain us – they teach us new ways of thinking. That’s why we’re hardwired to love them. Good stories teach much richer lessons than lectures do.

That’s why they’re perfect for upgrading your mind.

As of this month, my incredibly valuable mind training program – Awakened Thought – centres on stories. Yes, you still get all the usual features and you still can:

  • Enhance your best self with a huge (and growing) library of hypnotic guided meditations,
  • Request new hypnotic guided meditations, putting you in control,
  • Sharpen your mind the fun way with monthly information and exercises,
  • Use exclusive discount codes for other products,
  • Never stop growing with hypnotically-infused training material – a new theme every month.

Which means every month you can go on a new journey. You get seven hypnotic guided meditations each month, taking you from zero to hero in creativity, vitality and more.

Much more.

These seven audios stack, reinforcing the messages on an unconscious level every time you listen to them. By doing nothing more than sitting back, closing your eyes and really listening, you train your mind to learn better habits and perspectives.

I’ve been recording audios like these for a while – Awakened Thought has been running for more than a year now – and these are the best audios I’ve ever recorded.

The others are great too, don’t get me wrong.

But the way these weave together into an overarching story is next-level powerful.

I’m not asking you to buy without first sampling the wares, though.

In fact, I’m not asking you to buy anything.

Right now, the paywall is down and you can access this month’s training at no cost.

Yep, no cost.

You don’t even need to hand over your email for most of it.

What used to cost $29 per month to even glimpse at is now yours to enjoy.

And enjoy them, you will.

But my usual Awakened Thought warning applies:

Just as I add content each month, content disappears each month too.

And fair warning – some of that future content will be locked, pending generous donations from people like you.

But that’s next month’s problem. Right now, it’s all there, unlocked and fully loaded.

The sooner you head on over, the more you can access:


P.S. Did I mention Awakened Thought is free now? I’m tearing down the paywall, sharing all the goodies inside. I’m too proud of this material to share only with a select few. Bookmark this page, because it’s going to change often.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

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