How to get a free Neural Reset

Let’s not monkey around. I promised you goodies, so let’s get you some goodies.

I want to reward you for referring folks to Phronesis Accelerator. And I want to reward them for being referred.

So here’s how it works: every month, I write an extra, short newsletter – most are only a few pages long. In it contains one or two ideas that build on the core newsletter, taking it in strange new ways.

Sometimes these ideas are too quirky for the newsletter.

Other times, they are too practical and would distract from the rest of the principles.

It’s always something amazing.

As of right now, there’s only one way to earn this bonus:

If you refer someone to me, then both you and them will receive the next bonus newsletter.

To sweeten the pot when someone you refer subscribes, I’ll give you something for free. That ‘something’ can be any of my stand-alone digital products, no matter the price.

Or you can sign up to one of my coaching programs instead and I’ll discount AU$110 from it per new subscriber you bring, to a minimum of $0. That means one referral becoming a subscriber can get you a Neural Reset session with me, for free.

Now, time with me is subject to availability – as you’d assume.

And it only applies if you’re a subscriber too.

Even so, having one person sign up to Phronesis Accelerator is a great way to score a Neural Reset at no cost.

Or any of my programs at a discount.

Anyway, here’s where you can sign up and learn more details about how this works:

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