What free self-hypnosis costs you

What free self-hypnosis costs you

Good news – I can hook you up with free self-hypnosis advice. No, no, I’m not talking about the hundreds of articles on my blog. I’m talking about the engine of creation, the collective digital consciousness:

I’m talking about Wikihow!

I love that site. It’s how I learned to tie a tie and use chopsticks. And it has a few guides on hypnotising yourself. There’s even a Q&A section if you get stuck.


And I hate to criticise this pillar of global consensus…

Their advice will fail for a lot of you. Maybe even most of you.

It’s not a bad article. Honestly, the writers did a decent job with it. The problem is it focuses on a technique. Will the technique work? Maybe, if you’re one of the lucky ones. You’re more likely to give it a go, mentally flop around like a stranded fish and walk away confused.

Now, confusion is normal and good. The problem is – what do you do then? Do you go back and try the same technique later?

And what do you do once you think you’ve mastered the technique?

And what if something goes wrong? I mean, really wrong? If it all goes so bad you end it worse than you began – what then? You’d better hope Wikihow has a specific technique for dealing with your problem…

It’s a slow and painful way to do anything. And it’s not how you learn anything else. No one hands a child a tennis racquet, shows them the forehand grip then walks away. Any skill emerges from mastering many subskills. It’s especially true for something as subtle as the mind.

Some of those subskills are easy. Others are harder. Some you’re not ready for while others are exactly what you need right now.

That’s why the best way to learn is by learning multiple techniques… and the philosophy behind them. The techniques get you started and keep you moving. The philosophy shows you how to make self-hypnosis your own.

Self-hypnosis is more than just relaxation and visualisation. There are thousands of ways to enter trance and thousands of things to do when you’re there.

Maybe you only need these two to get some okay results.

But to find the real power in self-hypnosis?

Well, that requires a full suite – skills, philosophies, troubleshooting and more. Nothing else would do – it’s your mind, after all.

And you can find the real deal at the link below.

Sure, it’s not free like Wikihow.

I consider that a point in my favour. Do you want “free” or do you want results? If results you seek, then take a breath and read on:


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