If offered financial security or freedom, choose both

If offered financial security or freedom, choose both

I like hanging out with entrepreneurs, either digitally or physically. They’re cool people. More than that, they’re my people. There’s an obvious parallel between personal development and building a business:

Continuous growth you’re never done with, all to make the word better.

(And if there happen to be rewards for you along the way, so be it.)

So it troubles me when I hear people say stuff that’s… well, wrong. Potentially dangerous too.

The classic being to be an entrepreneur means giving up financial security.

I see how they think that. There’s no regular, stable paycheck when you work for yourself.


No, that’s not the case.

Whenever you “have” to choose between two options…

Or when you think an option is impossible…

You’re not describing reality. You’re describing what you think reality is.

In other words, it’s a failure of your imagination.

How can you have freedom and security? How can you have your cake and diet, too?

I have no idea. What do I know about your circumstances? What works for me might not work for you. There are a billion hidden variables, most of which you aren’t consciously aware of.

You don’t know them and I don’t know them.

But I bet your arm does.

There’s a simple (yet ridiculously effective) problem solving technique where you outsource your thinking to your bodyparts. This dissolves problems you cannot see through or think through. It uses a different style of thinking to what created the problem in the first place.

I’d describe it here but it wouldn’t make sense.

You have to go through the first chapters of this book to really get it:


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