15 minutes for freedom from heartbreak?

In Heartbreak Panacea, I have no interests in wasting your time.

If you’re struggling from the end of a relationship, a lot can seem beyond you.

When you’re so overwhelmed with anger, sadness, grief, frustration and a lack of closure…

When the voices scream in your head, hot steel squeezes your heart and everything looks dull…

… you’d do anything for a moment of relief.

One of the hypnotic guided meditations in Heartbreak Panacea gives you that relief. The first time you go through it will take you 15 minutes or so.

It’ll bring you back to a more familiar state of mind.

One where you can do what you need to do – where you can think without your thoughts spiralling into darkness and misery.

Fifteen minutes to end all that?

It’s hard to get a better deal than that.

I’ve done so anyway, because 15 minutes is what it takes the first time.

And, sure, it’ll pay off if you listen to it more than once.

But once you consciously gain the insights from it?

You can shut down these feelings in seconds.

It’s like months’ worth of moving on, fit neatly into a coffee break. Because that’s what this does – it recreates your brain’s natural mechanisms for moving on from someone. Where your brain takes its time with this, going down many blind alleys and looping on itself, you can skip all that and move on now.

Best of all?

You don’t even need to enter a trance to do it.

It will require your full attention, sure, but it’s hypnotic in such a way that you can stay out of a deep trance (or even a light one). It works all the same.

Rather than wait and suffer, why not begin to recover your emotions and move on:


P.S. To celebrate the launch, use code HEARTBREAK during April 2021 to get 25% off the price.

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