Why, no, freelancers aren’t the answer

Tomorrow, we return to our regularly-scheduled ramblings about hypnosis. We’ll soon talk about ways to evolve your mind and, with it, your life.

In the meantime, let’s talk about evolving your business.

I know many coaches, hypnotherapists, trainers and consultants don’t want to learn any marketing. “I’ll just outsource it!” they say.

Now, there’s wisdom to outsourcing. It’s more expensive to spend months or years practicing a new set of skills – at least in the short term. If learning marketing isn’t in your life’s plan then, sure, hire a freelancer.

Sir Mix-a-lot joins the discussion, because there’s a big ‘but’ at the end of that:

It’s not as simple as going out there and finding a freelancer.

The good ones are expensive and hard to book. Amateurs leap on every chance they find, while the pros turn clients away. I know I’m not the only one who restricts how many clients I work with – it keeps the quality of my work high. It’s easy to go from fully available to fully booked in moments.

Even talented marketers might not understand your needs. Selling high-end services – which, yes, includes you – is different from selling trinkets.

But let’s say the stars align.

You find a wonderful freelancer who groks your business to handle your marketing.

… what do you do then?

If your answer is ‘whatever they think is best’…

Yikes. I hope you really trust them, because you just made them a partner in your business.

This is why it helps to know at least the basics.

You can know what to ask for, what to politely decline and what’s a red flag.

You can’t rely on your instincts if you have no data – none at all – to inform them.

And you shouldn’t rely on someone else to tell you what you want.

That’s the great thing about Selling Transformation. Sure, my style isn’t everyone’s style. I emphasise certain things that you might not care about. Even so, I explain the principles throughout – the reasoning behind my choices.

Let those principles feed your intuitions.

Don’t go in blind – especially when it comes to business.

Before you invest in a freelancer, invest in your own awareness:


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