A fun intro to recreational hypnosis

I often talk about super serious hypnosis stuff, like how it can unlock motivation, destroy bad habits and addictions, and enhance just about anything.

And it’s true. When you’re improving your mind from the inside out, what couldn’t it do? There’s no corner of life that doesn’t intimately rely on your deepest thoughts.

But enough seriousness for today.

Let’s talk about how you can play with recreational hypnosis.

For example, have you ever tried a virtual reality headset? I have, only three or four times. The first was a while ago and that wasn’t a great experience. It immediately left me queasy. You couldn’t play it for more than ten minutes without feeling like your brain was caving in.

The second time was years later. I had fun – technology had come a long way by then. And I’ve used it twice in the last year or so – it works a lot closer to the promises of my youth, when VR was pure fantasy.

Even so, that’s nothing compared to what you have in your head.

I can enter and control rich fantasy worlds whenever I want to. In fact, it’s so easy that I like to relinquish control. The scene unfolds like a dream, where everything is connected in the most bizarre and surprising ways.

Like working on a farm, only for it to turn into a forest.

A forest full of the best emotions forgotten since your childhood.

But maybe that sounds like childish daydreaming. Or something so far off the woo-woo scale, it wants to study homeopathy.

So how about intense relaxation? I’m talking the sort of deep sensations that only come from a great massage. Imagine feeling someone work your shoulders right now, without having to beg, bribe or coerce them into it.

What about dialling up your senses? I tend to do this accidentally – a side effect of other internal work. But maybe you want to increase the brightness and resolution of the world. I’ve done it and it always makes me want to go outside to really see the world.

I don’t often use this stuff for fun – not on purpose, at least. To me, self-work is more fun than simple pleasures. And I trust my unconscious to give me what I need for the day – if that happens to be fun, so be it.

I know how to steer things and sometimes I do. But, for me, the real fun comes from novelty. And there’s no shortage of that when your unconscious mind takes charge.

There are many excellent reasons to learn self-hypnosis. Maybe you have a list already. But is on that list gaining control over the greatest entertainment system on the planet – your brain?

If not, it should be.

It’s endless fun.

This scratches the surface of how much you can play with this. Like your unconscious mind, it’s practically infinite.

And here’s a painfully thorough way to learn self-hypnosis. Sure, you can breeze through an eBook and pick up some gimmicks.

Or you can go hard and really invest in your mind training.

This will challenge you. If you’re anything like me, that’s all the fun you need.

It’s up to you. This program isn’t for everyone, it’s true. But you won’t find anything else like it.

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