The fun way to enter and control a trance

Toddlers clearly find walking strange. It takes all their concentration to put one foot in front of the other. They fall more often than not. Sometimes they fluke ten steps in a row, other times they struggle to even balance.

As an adult, walking is easy.

You set your intention and you go.

Self-hypnosis is the same way. When you start, it’s all about learning the induction.

How to enter a trance.

How to maintain the state once you’re there.

And, sure enough, you’ll fail more often than succeed. You’ll sometimes enter a deep, amazing trance, then not be able to the next day.

Once you get good enough at it, entering a trance becomes as easy as walking.

Like walking, it’s easier to master when you have a purpose. Walking around for the sake of it is fun enough. Doing it because you have somewhere to be makes it both fun and useful.

If you learn self-hypnosis because you want to relax deeply, enhance your charisma, clear your emotional blockages, make better decisions, break bad habits and even manage pain, then you’ll learn it more deeply than someone just mucking around.

So, yeah, it pays to have a goal.

But even with a goal, it can be hard to learn self-hypnosis.

It’s not always clear what to do… or even when you’re doing it right.

And the way some folk teach it is like meditation – lots of sitting still and struggling to keep your mind blank.

That works well for some.

But if you like to think and find meditation too passive, then there are more active ways to learn self-hypnosis.

More engaging ways.

More fun ways.

Like, for example, Waking Dreaming.

If your mind has a habit of wandering, good. When it comes to Waking Dreaming, that’s a feature, not a bug.

Sure, if you’re a total scatterbrain who struggles to finish a sentence, that’s one thing. But if you have enough concentration to have read this far, you have enough for self-hypnosis – the way I teach it, at least.

Waking Dreaming takes practice to learn. Once you know it, you can use it anywhere – even in public. Anyone who sees you will think you’re deep in thought.

They won’t know you’re exploring the depths of your mind, finding new ways to think and grow.

If you want to learn the fun way to engage your unconscious mind, check out what just hit the Amazon stores…

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