The closest thing to future-proofing your business

How do you market your business?

Quite a few coaches, hypnotherapists, trainers and consultants attract all of their clients through face-to-face interactions.

Things like through networking events, through referrals, through folks they know – all sorts of different ways involving meeting people in person

More coaches do that then run their businesses entirely digitally.

And that makes sense, right? It’s the nature of the job.

Except… well, a lack of diversification can bite you.

Because what happens if, say, 2020 happens and you can’t go outside? Suddenly that whole “talk to folks” strategy is dicey.

That’s not to say that having all digital marketing machine is the answer either because, who knows, something catastrophic could happen to the internet tomorrow.

If you look at some of the laws coming out of places like California, you see that they’re eager to strangle the life out of anyone who uses the internet to make money in any way.

So the answer is the usual answer:

You diversify.

Put all your eggs in one basket – as the saying goes – and you won’t have those eggs for too much longer.

Obviously there are no guarantees, but if you want to protect your business against shocks in the future, it makes sense to get in as many different channels as you can.

So if you’ve been an old school, in-person coach all this time, wondering how to get out of these problems…

Selling Transformation is the guide for you.

It assumes you have some experience as a coach, hypnotherapist, trainer or consultant… but no real digital marketing experience. Over 52 chapters, it shows you how and why to build your digital authority – with plenty of examples, resources, templates and guides.

The book won’t make you an expert… but it’ll show you how to apply simple, timeless, ethical and fun marketing principles to your business.

Check it out now, funk soul brother:

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