Gain freedom and independence in minutes

Gain freedom and independence in minutes

You can have more freedom and independence, right now. Yes, you. I don’t know who you are. You could be trapped in a job you hate, a relationship you regret, even a prison. I’m not saying I can take those problems away. I am promising you to be free of them.

Technology advances every day. Maybe there’ll come a time when this isn’t true. For now, all people can do is trap your body, break your mind, squeeze your future and shred your reputation.

Some of that you can control.

Some of that you can’t.

It doesn’t matter because you can do something to free yourself.

Maybe a little.

Or it might completely blow away the problems holding you back.

As long as you’re alive, you can do this – the ultimate form of self-liberation.

Because one thing you can always control is where you place your attention.

It’s easy, taking nothing more than a moment of effort.

You can focus on your breathing now or any time in the future. Each inhale and exhale can occupy your awareness. The subtly changing sensations as you move through the cycle of your breathing are all you need.

Because you breathe in the present moment, which means you can focus now by focusing there.

Do that and it breaks your mental loop. Do that and it pulls you away from fantasies, distractions or discomfort.

In every moment – including this one – you are free to choose.

Chances are this shift of attention is enough to fix whatever your problem is. It doesn’t change the outside world, but it does change how you respond to it. It’s enough to make you calmer and happier.

And if you do want to change your circumstances?

Well, guess what Step One is.

(Hint: it’s what I’ve been saying through this entire article.)

But you know what? It isn’t easy to work with your attention like this. The temptation is to wrestle your mind, only it’s bigger and meaner than you are. Like surfing a wave, you have to work with the energy, not against it.

It sounds easy but it’s not – for most people, anyway. You might be one of the lucky few who, through nature or training, can turn your attention up, down and on itself.

Either way, you can do more with your mind.

And you can learn enough of it to live a full, rich life here. All you gotta do is click:

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