Gasp in horror at gasping in horror

If you want something simple (yet difficult) to focus on…

Something that’ll improve your physical health and train your mind to pay attention…

… then keep breathing.

Did I call that difficult? Surely anyone who found breathing hard to master would look a little blue.

True, pendo, true.

But I didn’t say “breathe”.

I said “keep breathing”.

When we’re relaxed and healthy, our breathing comes in deeply and leaves smoothly. But it’s so easy to interrupt this flow.

Something catches our attention.

A thought, maybe.

Or something in our peripheral vision.

It really doesn’t take much to interrupt our breathing, even for a moment.

I’m paying extra attention to my breathing as I write this – already, I’ve had an interruption or two.

Short, fleeting interruptions – but interruptions none the less.

This isn’t bad as such. As long as you aren’t gasping, you’re probably okay.

Yet who can say what a thousand of these breathing breaks could do to you over the course of a day?

High performers of all kinds know the value of breathing properly. Many of them breathe in deliberate, steady and continuous ways.

And, hey, even if I’m wrong, it’s a great mindfulness exercise.

What do you have to lose?

Certainly not your breath…

Anyway, enough fun and games.

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