Get fitter by sitting still

It’s easy to get fired up over a new workout routine.

You think – this is it. This time you’re serious. You’ll stick to it, not matter what.


If you have to force yourself to do it, eventually you’ll stop. You’ll ‘take a break’ for a day or two, then completely lose the habit.

Then you lose all your progress and have to start over.

But what if you could change that pattern, right now?

What if you could learn to genuinely enjoy working out?

Then taking a short break is no big deal. You’ll get back into it because you want to, rather than letting that derail your progress.

Sound too good to be true?

With a touch of hypnosis, rewriting your preferences to enjoy exercising is easy.

That’s why I wrote Motion Mind. You can learn to enjoy working out and getting fitter by sitting still with your eyes closed.

Check it out here:

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