Get Motivated to Get Motivated

Get Motivated to Get Motivated

If motivation is like a fire that burns within you, then it’s the weirdest fire around.

It randomly fluctuates between smouldering ash and unstoppable inferno. The hotter is burns, the more fuel it creates for itself. It blazes a trail that destroys all obstacles and –

Wait, what am I saying? I’m describing a normal fire, not a weird one.

The weirdness with motivation lies somewhere else.

If you’re like most people, you want to get fired up, inspired and motivated to act. Most people, though, don’t follow through on that.

It’s clear why: deciding to feel motivated doesn’t do anything. If someone ordered you to do this, how would you respond?

For me, I’d have some questions:

Feel motivated about what, exactly?

How should I do that?


These are key questions. Maybe you can answer them consciously. You might have a vision that’s so clear you can’t deny it. You know that it will fill you with satisfaction and reward you well.

But if you can’t answer it consciously, you need to answer it unconsciously.

Too many people wait around, hoping lightning will strike. One day they’ll find something and get motivated about that.

How will they be motivated then when they aren’t motivated now?

If you aren’t motivated by anything in particular, then that’s your goal. Become motivated – become obsessed – with answering that question.

You might find it easy to be interested in what makes you tick. You can be curious about your curiosity, passionate about finding your passion and motivated to find your motivation.

Let this be the springboard for a new way of living. Think about things that have excited you in the past. Doesn’t your life transform once you begin to explore that? That’s where you are right now – on the cusp of a great revolution.

That’s your reward for getting motivated. This is your reason why.

As for how to do it, think about it this way. Your conscious mind doesn’t hold the answer, otherwise you’d already know. So you need new ways of thinking to find it. In other words, the key is self-hypnosis.

There are different types of trances. You want one that will open your mind to all possibilities. Tear down your inner barriers and limitations. Transcend your normal patterns of thinking. Explore new mental horizons and be open to whatever happens.

This is the state where you can ask what motivates you. You’ll get an answer, too. Maybe not at first but, when your mind is this ready to find something new, you’ll get what you need in time.

Then again, maybe you want simple, specific, practical tips for finding your motivation.

Something like a book reviewed as having “no fluff or filler”.

A book where, even if you don’t know any self-hypnosis, you’ll gain the benefits of the deepest trances. Assuming you read it carefully and follow the instructions, of course.

If that’s what you’d like, then I’d direct you to Find Your Life’s Purpose:


Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

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