Get over going under

Plenty of folk think they’re afraid of hypnosis. I say ‘think’ because when they say what concerns them, it tends to be fiction.

They don’t want to get stuck in a trance, despite that never happening to anyone.

They don’t want the hypnotist to be able to steal their wallet while they’re under. I’m not making that up – I’ve come across this exact concern.

The bad news is I’m a skilled enough hypnotist that I could steal your wallet mid-trance.

The good news is you’d notice it’s missing later. And it’d be obvious what I did.

(And the best news is I have no interest in your wallet – you can keep it.)

It all comes down to the real objection:

“I don’t want to lose control.”

It’s fair enough – who wants to hand over control of your mind?

But if that’s the real reason, the solution is simple. See, I know quite a bit about hypnosis (you’d hope so, given how many years I’ve been writing about it). In my experience, the less in tune someone is with their unconscious, the easier it is to manipulate them.

Either overtly or covertly.


Take someone who has a fear of looking weak. And let’s say this person doesn’t know how to manage that fear. Heck, they probably don’t even know they have it.

If you know what to look for, you can spot that fear in minutes.

With some people, seconds.

From there, it’s easy enough to influence them. A simple “you look strong enough to handle X” or “delicate people choose Y” gets them halfway to the decision you want them to make.

Now that is being out of control.

Disciplined use of hypnosis improves your control. It increases your conscious awareness of your fears, foibles and weaknesses.

Plus it gives you the tools to handle them.

The more you enter trances, the more in control you become.

That assumes you find a trustworthy hypnotist, that is. Someone who’s both skilled and has your best interests at heart.

Well, I know for certain you have your own interests at heart. So why don’t you hypnotise yourself?

Ah, I see – because you don’t know how yet.

Never fret. I have just what you need to take your skills from nil to a hundred. No matter where you are with your mind right now, you can learn everything you need for greater control here:

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