Instead of getting lost in your thoughts…

Instead of getting lost in your thoughts…

I like to daydream, probably a little too much. It’s fun and relaxing to lose yourself in your thoughts. Not to mention that’s how I get my best ideas.


Just because it’s pleasant and useful, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do.

When you lose yourself in your thoughts (which is a good description of what really happens), you disconnect from the world. You miss everything that’s happening in front of you. Given the real world is where all opportunities lie, that’s a steep price to pay.

And it’s one you don’t have to.

Because instead of getting lost in your thoughts, what if you learned to navigate them?

Many people talk about your inner landscapes. It’s as though your mental world – your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, fears and resources – have a physical place inside you.

Whether that’s true or just a metaphor doesn’t matter. After all, the metaphor is in your mind too. That means you can use it.

Being in different states of mind is like being in different locations.

Fear might be a dark dungeon or being lost in the woods.

Courage might be a vessel on the ocean or a mighty fortress.

Whatever first comes to mind is what works for you, no matter how ridiculous it seems.

The fun thing, though, is how you use these mental landscapes. The simple approach is to move between them as you need. Have an important interview? Move from the woods to the fortress.

It takes practice to get this right, especially under pressure.

But there’s something even better you can do with this:

You can learn to create new mental landscapes.

Master this and you can unleash your inner abilities. People around you will call it luck as you attract romantic partners, find business opportunities and even improve your health. It won’t be luck, though. It’ll be something you can do whenever you need.

It’s one of the core ideas I teach as part of self-hypnosis.

And you can begin to learn it now.

Sure, you first have to master the basics of entering and controlling your hypnotic trances…

From there, this mental landscape stuff becomes easy. “Luck” is yours to receive.

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