How to give (and receive) advice without annoying people

I think we’ve all been on both sides of this experience:

Someone comes to you with a problem. Someone you care about. Clearly, this is a major issue for them.

Luckily, you have the perfect solution.

So you tell them your idea and then they’re happy…



Okay, not exactly. You might offer the best advice ever, but they won’t listen to it. They just want to complain.


You might have a challenge of your own and you just need to vent. But before you can let it all out, the other person starts rattling off a ten-point checklist of what to do.

Frustrating, right?

Either way, there’s a lot of needless suffering and ignored wisdom.

So how do you give and receive advice?

How do you get to the part in the conversation where the person in need is willing and able to listen?

There’s no voodoo around this – just a few principles to keep in the back of your mind.

Conversations flow according to their own rules. Jump in with advice too early and you can shut the whole thing down.

Wait for the right moment, though?

You’re a genius who solved their most pressing conundrum.

That’s why I created Conversation Hacker – so you can let both your advice and frustrations be heard.

You can begin learning immediately:

P.S. If you download it during the launch, I’ll throw in this tasty bonus:

It’s one thing to be an amazing conversationalist… but what if you were memorable, too?

What if your words and stories stuck in their minds?

What if you could turn the most mundane thing into something so compelling, they’ll struggle to forget it?

I’m not exaggerating. In a few paragraphs of text, I tell a story about shaving that has it all – emotion, conflict and a triumphant hero.

Once you know the 4 Pillars of Lasting Impressions, you can be this memorable too.

But this guide is only available during the launch, so grab it now.

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