Give the gift that doesn’t stop taking away

Give the gift that doesn’t stop taking away

A fun exercise is to take your field of expertise, punch it into Google Scholar and click articles at random. Well, okay, that’s not fun as such. Still, getting a snapshot of some of the literature helps. For an activity that takes a few minutes, it pays off.

Here’s what I found when I did this with self-hypnosis:

I found a 21-year-old study looking into treatments for headaches in children. They found drugs were less effective than a placebo, while self-hypnosis was more than twice effective as the placebo.

So it can take away pain. Good to know.

Another study showed it beat biofeedback relaxation training in taking away… chronic pain, interesting. These were adults with spinal injuries, so we’re talking about serious discomfort here.

The third random paper was… huh, headaches in children again (though much more recent). Self-hypnosis beat the placebo by a mile and caused no adverse reactions.


Well, I wasn’t going to talk about unpleasant sensations – it’s the holidays after all. Besides, I’m not a doctor. The only thing I can ethically say is pain is serious. Sometimes it’s the sign of a major medical issue. Ignoring it isn’t smart and always seek qualified medical advice.

But that’s what my honest-to-goodness random clicking gave me, so there we are.

People think discomfort is a hardwired physical response to body damage… which it is, sure. But nothing is purely physical in you – there’s always a mental component.

And the mental component is bigger than you expect.

Forget about these sensations for a minute. If self-hypnosis can do this for people others would write off as beyond helping…

What can it do for you?

What mental rebalancing could you achieve with self-hypnosis and what could it unleash in you?

Only one way to find out.

And, if you use the XMAS code during December, you’ll find out affordably.

There’s a lot you don’t need inside you. Give the gift of getting rid of all that right here:

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