Give trance a chance

A lot of folk wonder about trance. What it is, how to enter it…

But the big question is: what’s it for?

The trance state wasn’t something hypnotists invented. It’s something we discovered that the brain does naturally.

But why does the brain bother?

Surely anyone who clucks like a chicken on stage would vanish from the gene pool…

As it turns out, being open to suggestions has its advantages.

That might sound strange. Being that open sounds like a vulnerability – a bug in the software that needs patching.

Until you think about how many of your problems you’ve held onto because you were stubborn.

Or rigid in your thinking.

Or because you didn’t believe there was a better way.

Trance opens you up because sometimes you need that.

If you’re at all stuck with anything in your life, now you know a little better.

But, okay.

That sounds great and all…

But how do you use trance?

How can you give trance a chance?

A chance to resolve some of your longest-held challenges – the ones you’ve given up on fixing and have learned to tolerate?

Most of us have issues like that. After all, we’re all human – it sorta comes with the package. Resolving these issues would make you a lot happier.

You should keep reading because the answers are right here:

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