Going neverwhere

Feel like you’re going nowhere?

Consider this quote from Carl Sagan:

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”

What an interesting insight – one that most folks will misread.

If you interpret that to mean you should zone out and daydream more… well, maybe you should. Maybe not.

But either way, that’s not the real lesson here.

See, there are different levels to imagination. You might imagine a red, shiny apple sitting on your shoulder. You might imagine your perfect future, spending time choosing all the little things that make it up.

Both of those have their uses.

And you can take it even further.

You can lose yourself so completely in your imagination that you spontaneously find what it is you’re looking for. You know what I mean by that – the things you know are in your mind somewhere, if only you can find them.

The basic idea here is simple enough:

You find them by looking – as you do in Week 11 of 5 Realms Meditation.

Here’s where to begin:


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