The Golden Age of You

The Golden Age of You

What causes a Golden Age? What historical and cultural factors come together to make a people great?

Is it when a society becomes bold and free with its ideas?

Is it like that Asimov short story where humans are experimented on by aliens, like we’re bacteria in a petri dish?

I don’t know.

I’m hungry for the answer, though.

Because I know what it feels like to enter my own ‘golden age’. Suddenly my life accelerates forward, no matter how you measure it.

I become healthier and more disciplined.

Wealthier and more fun.

More ambitious and more grounded.

Creative, spontaneous and productive.

Oozing charisma, wisdom and everything else I dream of.

These golden ages happened before I learned self-hypnosis, it’s true, so you don’t need to master it to experience your life locked into amazing mode.

But these fantastic periods come more often and more intensely than ever before.

If I were perfect, I’d be in a permanent golden age. I’m only human, though. I have my ups and downs.

And this is great – if I were flawless, I’d be unable to teach you. The gap of understanding between a mortal and a deity it too great.

Fortunately, I’m as squishy and fallible as the rest of us. That makes it all the more easy to learn.

If you’re ready for a revolution that enhances every corner of your mind, then here’s your guide to it:

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