Why I’d make a great witchdoctor

One of the things that surprises (and confuses) me is how hung up folk get on details.

Let’s say someone decides to work with a professional to empower their mind. Maybe they want to quit smoking, maybe they want be superhuman at work. Who knows.

Then they spend a whole lot of time wondering which form of therapeutic practice to use.


Elmanian hypnosis?

Ericksonian hypnosis?




They ask questions on Quora like “which form of therapy is the best?” and somehow expect an intelligent answer.

In spite of all their research, they never cottoned on to these two points:

Firstly, the practitioner matters more than the method. A great coach or therapist could get you to draw pictures in crayon and achieve amazing breakthroughs. A mediocre one could use the “best” techniques and get nowhere.

Secondly, most of the change happens inside you. A bizarre finding is that if you call a practitioner and make an appointment, you’ve already made it halfway to your outcome. Yes, even before you see them. No one knows why – my theory is once your unconscious knows you’re serious, it starts to resolve it for you. But there’s probably much more to it than that.

And another point, one I see evidence for every day:

Once you remove the superficial trappings, all forms of therapy are, at their core, the same.

Some hypnotists put you in a trance with a longwinded induction. Some reiki practitioners have you lie there while they wave their hands over you. It looks different but the way the change unfolds is the same.

Some folk will argue with me on that. Most of them haven’t studied enough disciplines deeply, so they don’t see it. To me, it’s blindingly obvious.

That’s why I could call myself a witchdoctor and make it work. I wouldn’t go fooling anyone who’s seen a real one. But for your typical city dweller I could don a mask, chant and dance, and still get amazing results.

It’s easy when you know what’s really going on when someone changes.

Now, I just talked a big game. Or so it might sound to you. Honestly, any skilled therapist, coach or whoever could do the same.

Even so, I have to back my big talk with proof.

So here it is.

I compiled 19 separate products into one glorious changework sequence. Taken together, these will transform you from wherever you are now to someone emotionally balanced, focused, driven, charismatic, and a whole bag of great adjectives.

It’s enough content to choke a horse, all for a price that would barely make a pony sputter.

Or something. It’s good value is what I’m saying.

You can see exactly what you get at the link right here:


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