I promise you this: greater power or total relaxation

The great thing about mind training is it’s the ultimate win-win proposition.

If it works, you can something you never knew to even think about. You see your thoughts in new ways.

And, in many cases, dissect them.

I’m ridden memories back to where they sit in my mind, warping my beliefs around my self-worth and ability to handle money.

I’ve created Pavlovian conditioning, where three taps of my fingers sends me into a powerful creative and productive state.

But all of these pale compared to the really juicy stuff. The stuff that’s harder to put into words.

The stuff you need to experience to believe.

You can enter strange, enhanced Zen states.

The sort that dabblers in marijuana, LSD and magic mushrooms talk about – only without the drugs and with far greater control.

Even just skirting the boundary of a state like this, just once, is life changing.

But it doesn’t work for everyone – not straight away, at least. I believe anyone can use their minds this way, only some of us start closer to that than others.

Even if it doesn’t work, though…

It’s relaxing.

Deeply relaxing, like you’ve rarely done before.

That state is much easier to enter.

It’s like soaking in a bath, walking through a forest and getting a massage all at once.

Like I say, it’s win-win.

And to add to those wins…

If you grab Monster Mind Edukaré this weekend, you’ll receive $100 off. That’s part of my cunning plan to really make this decision as easy as possible.

Plus you’ll receive all future updates to the program at no extra cost.

(Which will be significant, let me tell you.)

If you wait, though?

Well, that tasty discount disappears before the weekend does.

No extensions, no excuses.

Here’s the link:


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