The Gross Space Princess School of Epiphanies and Insights

Sometimes, a new insight takes a lot of work.

It takes a lot of deduction, calculation and time, as you slowly build the epiphany piece by piece.

This is true for insights about how to live a better life, just as it is for peeking under the hood of reality.

Those have their place.

But just as often, inspiration strikes like a lightning bolt. From one moment to the next, you transform confusion into clarity.

It can be less like finding the answer and more like realising you already knew it.

It’s like what Princess Leia said when Luke told her they were siblings. She just learned it, yet it was like she’d always known it.

A shame that implies she knowingly kissed her brother.

Oh well.

Where do these flashes on awareness come from?

Your unconscious is amazing at parallel processing. If a scorpion nibbles on your toe, your brain doesn’t care that it was in the middle of rendering the sensation of sun on your skin. It processes that information instantly.

Or close enough to it, really.

That’s how it can sometimes answer complex and incalculable questions – like what’s the right career for you – in a moment. It’s used to crunching the numbers.

But if it’s unconscious, then how do you access it?


Through hypnosis.

That’s what it’s there for, after all – to send instructions to your unconscious mind and await for its output.

When something is unconscious, it means you can’t choose to access it. That doesn’t mean it’s out of reach though – you just need the right tools.

That’s why hypnosis can transform your life.

If you could use a little transformation, I recommend starting with the Neural Reset. You’ll be amazed at some of the ideas you have during and after.

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