Grounding in a confounding world

You have to wonder if someone is going to leap from behind the curtain and say, no, the world is a parody.

Surprise! Silly you for taking it seriously.

I mean, you have academics telling you to say chestfeeding instead of breastfeeding, because a gendered term for a gendered concept is offensive to gender, for reasons they can’t quite articulate.

You have a soft drink company fighting racism by condemning a specific race.

You have a US president who literally can’t string a sentence together who won the popular vote, ousting a present who was either a savour or a tyrannical maniac, or both, or neither, who actually performed about average. Meanwhile, the Australian PM hasn’t changed in months and that’s freaking me out a little, especially since if you put glasses on a turnip, you might get them confused.

They’ll tell you that genders aren’t real because we’re all humans, but women are oppressed, so genders aren’t real except women, which is them saying you’re either a human or a woman which is horrifying should be seen as the most sexist thing to say of all, but they’ll pretend that’s less sexist than treating everyone with respect.

If you’re confused, it’s because the contradictions and absurdity reached critical mass a while ago.

What’s even real anymore?

According to folks who don’t have your interests at heart, nothing you identify as or with.

It can make you feel lost and confused, like what you see on your screens is more real than you see out your window.

If you’re drifting – if everything feels disconnected, unnatural, unpleasant or somehow wrong – if time feels like it’s racing, even though some days feel like they’re dragging – it means you’re off-kilter.

I know a few simple grounding exercises that’ll help.

It begins with changing where you place your attention. Bring it into the moment, into your senses, into your body.

It begins with breathing – deliberately, consciously, deeply.

But you already know that, right? Breathe and focus, and enjoy a world of difference.

So let me add to that recommendation:

Do those inside a Neural Reset – now that’s a game changer.

I use it all the time to get back in touch with reality and out of the weird collective mental space that’s doing no one any favours.

You can too, even if you don’t know how to meditate or anything like that. All you need to do is show up, have an open mind, follow the instructions and experience what happens.

Here’s how you book it in:

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