Why guided meditations aren’t worth listening to

Why guided meditations aren’t worth listening to

Let this be a riddle for you. There’s something like guided meditation only it’s better than it. No matter how you define “better,” this is it. It’s faster, more effective, easier and more versatile.

Oh, and it works with more people. This will help you even if you “can’t meditate.”

It’s so good I recommend you stop listening to guided meditations. You’re wasting your time compared to this.

Delete that Spotify playlist, uninstall your meditation app and focus on nothing else.

I’m not talking about visualisation, yoga or anything else trendy. All I’m talking about is something that truly works.

And this humble practice is not what you think it is.

My official recommendation is to stop listening to guided meditations…

And start listening to hypnotic guided meditations.

There’s a world of difference between those two. Hypnosis is the secret ingredient to making it work. I’ve talked before about how guided meditations destroy the essential ingredient in meditation. It’s true – you’re honestly better off listening to nothing and failing than a guided meditation.

Oh so much better.

Adding hypnotic elements to meditation takes you someplace deeper. Whether you’re experienced or not, it changes the nature of the meditative trance.

Guided meditations are leashes that keep you in the shallow end of the pool in your mind.

Add hypnosis and they become a compass you can follow to new unexplored depths. After all, hypnosis is about using words to create and shape trances. The words put normal people into altered states of consciousness. Combine it with meditation and you have something you’ve never experienced before.

Guided meditations feel so constricting after that.

Some of you are shrugging your shoulders and saying who cares. If you don’t understand how achieving a new state of trance is amazing – something people literally risk their lives for – then this isn’t for you.

For everyone else?

I recommend you feast your ears on this, post-haste:


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