Why guided meditations are worse than useless

Some of you are using your time to get into guided meditations.

While that’s not the worse use of your time, I recommend against it.

Folk like guided meditations because it’s easier than meditating alone. Well, sure, much like how it’s easier to lift weights if you have someone there lifting with you. It’s “easier” but it makes it pointless.

You might struggle to meditate because your mind keeps wandering. If so, you might like guided meditations because they help keep you on track.

But correcting your own lapse of focus is where 90% of the benefits lie.

You can’t outsource that, just like you can’t outsource a good diet, exercise and waking up early.

Now, I know some of you will say you only got into meditation thanks to guided meditations. If you used them as training wheels and then discarded them, sure.

I’d point out that the magic was inside you all along. You didn’t need help to meditate – you just thought you did. If you needed the training wheels to get you rolling, then I’m glad it all worked out for you.

The problem is most folk ride their whole lives with the training wheels on.

Five minutes of focus, where all the onus is on you, is better mind training than 20 minutes of listening to someone else.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to enter altered states of consciousness by listening to someone else talk, then I have good news.

Because there’s an exception to the “guided meditations are worthless” rule.

And that’s when you listen to hypnotic guided meditations.

What’s the difference?

That simple little extra word changes what happens.

Instead of reminding you to focus, (in other words, doing your job for you,) hypnotic guided meditations use their words to… well, hypnotise you.

They put you in a deeper state of meditation – one that could take years of training to reach on your own.

Rather than being like training wheels, hypnotic guided meditations are like Sherpas. Technically you don’t need them to explore new depths of your own mind… but, with them, you can go so much further – quicker and easier than on your own.

I still recommend mixing it up and meditating under your own power.

But if you combine that with hypnotic guided meditation, you’ll find yourself going deeper into trance and getting more benefit from it.

All with less struggle on your part.

It’s the best way to learn to meditate.

Speaking of…

Once upon a time, I created a vast library of hypnotic guided meditations. I used to charge a hefty monthly fee to access it.


You can download it for no cost – not even your email address. There’s a discreet PayPal donation button at the bottom, if you can spare anything. Otherwise, simply download and enjoy.



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