“Guided” Thought?

That’s the name of my website, alright – Guided Thought.

But what does that actually mean?

Guided by whom?

By me? Nah. Although I’m more qualified for that job than 98% of people you meet, I’m not qualified enough to steer all your thinking for you.

I’m not asking to be your guru – the person you turn to for every thought, question and concern.

But I sure would love to introduce you to them.

Because the person guiding your thinking isn’t a person at all.

It’s part of you.

If that’s the case, what do you need from me?

Your inner mind already guides your thinking…

And how’s that working out for you?

There’s a lot to you inner mind.

Your unconscious.

All your fears, anxieties and destructive habits.

Every voice that tells you you’re not good enough, you’re a failure, you don’t deserve to be happy and loved.

Those insidious little devils who whisper in your ear, making you clam up and choke at the worst moment.

They already guide your thinking.

But they don’t have to.

You can see them for what they really are – not the words of truth, not your enemies and not your masters.

Just one small part of you, all the way over there.

Because there are other voices inside you.

There’s a voice that tells you how much you deserve your dreams, that you don’t have to settle, that you can put aside all your distractions and achieve almost anything.

This voice even tells you how, if you listen to it.

You can trust this voice.

In fact, you should trust this voice before everything else.

Once you learn how to listen to it, you’ll be amazed what it’ll tell you.

Let it guide your thoughts.

Other people can offer you advice, point out dangers and share their wisdom, but only this voice inside you knows your mind back to front. It knows your mind better than you do, understanding all the strange contours and hidden wisdom lying in your mindscape.

But how do you listen to this voice?

Learn to hear its subtle and enlightened whispers?

Now that I can help you with.

Meditation can get you there, if you’re willing to take the slower, trickier path that leads to less of a result.

Working with a skilled hypnotist, though?

That can help you hear this voice so much clearer, so much faster.

All right, enough talking for now.

Because the trick with listening to this voice inside you isn’t just to listen to it.

You also need to take action immediately.

The next step I recommend to folks is a Neural Reset – a gentle and effective way to tune in to your unconscious. You can sign up for a session here:


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