The secrets that let you “hack” conversations

If you’re reading this, then you’re after something more from your conversations.

So let’s talk about talking.

Let’s cover how conversations really work – the hidden rules that everyone follows but most folk don’t know exist.

Understand these rules and the game changes.

Small talk becomes fun.

Conversations become deeper, more interesting and even inspiring.

And folk love to be around you.


Let’s dive in…

Conversations follow rules

Every conversation follows a set of guidelines. These guidelines describe how the best conversations work. If you’ve ever had one of those interactions where hours flew by and you felt amazing…

And you could barely remember what you talked about…

… then you followed these guidelines on instinct.

When you break these rules, though?

That’s how you get awkward silences, fake chuckles and long, dead stares.

When you understand these rules, everything changes. You know how to fix broken conversations on the fly. You know how to delve so deep into each other that every conversation changes you.

Conversations are living things

But when I talk about rules, I don’t mean scripts.

I’m not going to give you a magical set of words to say because that doesn’t work outside of Harry Potter. This isn’t about what to say – it’s about how to say it and when.

Think about a living thing, such as, say, yourself. There are rules you need to follow in order for you to be at your healthiest. You need water, fresh air and nutrients, plus a few other things.

But you can follow those rules to the point where you stifle yourself.

The guidelines in this book are high level and flexible. You can follow them with all sorts of conversations with all sorts of people. The details change, but the principles hold up whether you’re in Africa or America, 21 AD or the 21st Century.

Our lives change from moment to moment, but human nature doesn’t.

So learn how to nourish conversations, not micromanage them.

Conversations are social and survival tools

Many folk think conversations are simple exchanges of information. You tell the other person some facts or opinions, then they do the same.

These folk often struggle to have amazing interactions with people. They’ve reduced the best tools on their belt to a shadow of what they can do, like using a laptop as a paperweight.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors used conversations to survive. Sure, sometimes they’d swap facts. “The lions are on the prowl, so watch out” – that sort of thing.

But for every social creature, (and we humans might be the most social of them all,) interacting with others ensures your survival.

It builds trust and loyalties.

It exposes those who falsely wear the mask of friendship.

When you rely on other people to survive, conversations are your greatest resource.

Conversations change you

Deep and meaningful conversations allow you to express yourself. You dig deep and reveal things that were hiding, even from yourself.

This is how a great chat can stimulate new ideas or even process old traumas.

No conversation is an exchange of data: “I know A, you know B, and now we each know both”.

They are shared explorations, where each of you comes away with something you never knew.

They can inspire and motivate.

Bring clarity where there was only confusion.

Change your life.

This is why humans need conversations like this. Without them, we wither.

With a guide like this, your interactions will be more nourishing than ever.

We’ve talked about talking, and we’re near the end – by now, you’re probably at least a little intrigued for how to master this. You want to get your hands on Conversation Hacker – my new program teaching you how to construct the best conversations of your life.

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